MultiMaster Points 3000 box

MultiMaster Points 3000 box

Fletcher 08-975 Multimaster points are bendable. They are roughly rectangular in shape, with two barbs and a 4.5mm round hole. The multipoint can be used to join two frames together when assembling shadow boxes. Fire it into the side of the lower frame and then put a screw through it into the upper frame. This holds the two frames together, yet allows them to be easily dismantled. To be used with the Fletcher Multimaster (yellow) gun. Box approx 3,000 points Code: Points 08-975

Deep penetration into all wood.

Twin "barb" design with 50% more rigidity increases holding power.

"A-Frame" shape of point increases overall strength.

Excellent performance in hardwoods.

Unique "bend angle" provides flush-to-the-frame fit for easy removal of materials.

Use approximately 20% less points per frame.

Excellent fastener for quick and secure assembly of layered (stacked) and liner moldings.

MultiPoints 1/2" long¬(approx.¬ 3,000 per box)

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