Customview Mats for 8x10 Cover (Asst'd) - Black/Black 6/pkg

Customview Mats for 8x10 Cover (Asst'd) - Black/Black 6/pkg

Customview Mats for 8x10 Cover - Black/Black

Mats are secured by permanent pressure senstive adhesive.  Bonding is not immediate to allow for repositioning of mats during assembly.  Give the mat a quarter-turn for different layout options. Mats are also reversible for mirror image layouts.

Color:  Black / Black           Package of 6

See picture for layout / match size as listed below:

               ROW A                                                               ROW B

cv80           8x10      ACVKK80                   cv45-4vh        452x542      ACVKK4H

cv80ov       810x810      102304006           cv45-4vvvh    453x541       ACVKK4V

cv57-2        57x2      ACVKK57                   cv46-3              46x3          102335006

cv55-4        55x4      ACVKK5R                   cv46-2             46x2          102336006

cv46-4vh    46x64    ACVKK6H                   cv45-3vvh       452x541    102333006

cv1010       10x10    ACVKK10                    cv45-4glpl       452x442     ACVKKPL

cv45-4v       45x4     ACVKK4R                   cv88                  8x8           ACVKK88

                                                                     cv57/23-2         57x23       102311006




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