Yes! Paste AF - Gallon

Yes! Paste AF -  Gallon

Yes! Paste

Yes! Paste is an all-purpose arts and crafts glue, designed for high performance in a wide range of crafting applications. Yes! Paste will not wrinkle or curl delicate or lightweight materials like competitve craft glues, due to its low water content. It is slow-setting, allowing crafters to reposition and adjust their crafting materials. In addition, it is 100% acid free, making it perfect for archival work, such as scrapbooking. Clean-up is a breeze with Yes! Paste; simply dilute excess glue with warm water.

  • Composition
    Water based dextrine paste
  • Physical properties
    Transparent and permanently flexible when dry
  • Container size
    Available in 1 pint, 1 quart and 1 gallon containers
  • Usage
    Apply with a stiff brush
Available Sizes:
This selection cannot be framed.
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